Happy New Year 2016 A question

Welcome to 2016-

We are not fooled we know that a War has been going on in the background for years. We know it suites the powers that be to keep it fueled.

Peterol went down to 99.9 at Tesco’s how can that be.

We r told there is a recession yet never b4 has so much money been spent. Record numbers of children are sleeping on our streets but we are told it is their own  fault, the fault of their parents and that we have no collective responsibility to act.

We sit back consume but do not create- A graffiti artist paints Class war on the white cubes gallery walls, they are not called ‘Banksy’ they are therefore a criminal? How strange I thought Banksy was policatil?

Clearly a head for money is what rules us and divides us- Power in the tower block that reaches the sky built by a new military power in the heat of our city? Why?

What is a world class city?

The sky line? the value of its people? the helath of its nation?

A question for 2016? trail4trail4@dyslxicRant






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